Throw Down Thursday (Week 1) Kohl Vs John

Throw Down Thursday

Throw Down Thursdays the game where every week somebody loses.

Rules: Park crew picks 2 or more people to play he also picks the trick and the feature, players play Paper Rock Scissors the winner gets to pick who goes first, who ever lands the trick first wins. If both players land the trick first try a new trick will be picked on the same feature and the contest will continue, if one player lands the trick first try and the other does not, the player who did not land the trick will get one Redemption Try, if the player lands the trick on the Redemption Try a new trick will be picked and the contest will continue, if the player fails to land the trick the game is over. The loser must do the outro for the video. Forfeiting is not allowed you play to win, unless a player is to injured to continue. Park patrol has the right to Change, Add or Alter the rules at any time. There must be a filmer and at least one judge, the filmer cannot be the judge.


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